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——————————— Wednesday 22, March 2017 ———————————
game - philosophy - politics - war -
About the board game created by Guy Debord called "The Game of War". Galloway also apparently wrote an online "massively two-player" implementation of the game, but it seems to be currently unavailable:
denver - homeless -
Denver's camping ban is finally being challenged in a court. The trial is currently set to begin April 4th at the Lindsay Flanigan Courthouse (520 w Colfax Ave Denver CO 80204).

"The Denver government is spending massive resources to prosecute Burton, Howard, and Russell, including calling 33 Police Officers as witnesses in the trial. According to the law, the co-defendants are facing up to $999 and a year in jail for the crime of using blankets to try to stay warm on a cold winter night. Buron and Russell both had their blankets, sleeping bags and tents taken “as evidence” of the crime of camping – leaving them with no gear to survive the freezing winter night and driving Burton to the hospital. Shortly after this, Mayor Hancock publicly directed the Police Department to cease confiscating survival gear for the safety of homeless people sleeping on winter nights. Yet the government is still prosecuting these individuals."
camping -
"There’s a great deal of privilege that goes into thru-hiking. The idea of broke hikers in the wild, where you don’t have to pay for a place to live and your only expense is food—that’s bullshit. You have to buy your gear. You have to travel. You have to take six months out of your life. You have to find a way to feel safe. That’s one of the reasons the trail look likes it does."